Engaging Students + Industry / / Announcing the 2019 NWLA STEM on Screen Film Festival

As we head into this holiday season, there’s a lot that crosses my mind as we head into next year. I’m so proud of the progress that my students have made, and the values and the drive that I have been fortunate enough to see them build upon. Spring is always the busiest time in the Elm Grove Middle School STEM Lab for a number of reasons, whether it be rocket launches, field trips, robotic competitions, or award ceremonies to honor student achievement. No matter the event, the undertone of all of these experiences remains centrally focused on one thing – the connections.

This year, our students are lending their voices to plan the 2019 Northwest Louisiana STEM on Screen Film Festival. With over 550+ students engaged over the course of two years, the film festival is one just one of the experiences that we build to help bridge the gaps that organically exist between industry and education. For the 2019 film festival, we have assembled a Student Advisory Committee to help form and shape the impact of this year’s festival. Students on the committee worked to select the theme of this year’s festival, the films we plan to include in the festival line-up, and the promotional materials to announce the 2019 festival.


Industry connections provide so much context to the content that STEM courses cover. Listening to industry needs, leveraging these connections, and putting local and regional STEM industry leaders in the front of our students directly and allowing them to explore STEM-rich themes through the lens of film is such a powerful thing to watch. We are so excited to see what this year’s festival has in store!

Student Voices & Experiences

The Student Advisory Committee is proud to announce that the 2019 Northwest Louisiana STEM on Screen Film Festival theme is “Breaking Boundaries: Becoming Part of the STEM Revolution!”

Here are some thoughts regarding past STEM on Screen experiences:

“I have a lot of fun going to STEM on Screen. The choice of movie is always connected to STEM in some ways and is really interesting to watch. The food is also amazing and the people that come and talk to us about how they got involved in STEM and how we can as well is fun. Overall STEM on Screen is a fun and amazing experience.”  – Sam

“Getting to see the movie was an awesome experience. Also the lecture, because they allowed me to realize how much STEM was actually involved in the movie.” -Chloe

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